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Double 11 cat and dog war, intelligent storage against the new Aspect

Lynx official official data show that today at 3:19 pm, Lynx “double 11” trading volume of more than 912 billion yuan, 8 hours in advance to break the 2015 “double 11” all day record.

Lynx official official data show that today at 3:19 pm, Lynx “double 11” trading volume of more than 912 billion yuan, 8 hours in advance to break the 2015 “double 11” all day record.

Jingdong announced that “double 11” from 0:00 to 12:00, Jingdong sales increased by 12% last year, but Jingdong did not disclose the specific sales.

Internet users crazy shopping under the two major business platform are using cloud computing and other technical means to support the “double 11” the day the normal operation of the platform, but the new test followed: a large amount of goods wrapped even if the digestion , And was quickly delivered to the hands of consumers? Intelligent warehousing will play a key role.

automatic storage and retrieval pallet racking system wall rack system

First to the next Jingdong, it is focused on self, more storage pressure. In order to meet the “double 11” exam, Jingdong X Division wisdom logistics laboratory has long been artificial intelligence, robot and other technologies applied to the Jingdong logistics system, of course, called “black science and technology” should be Jingdong nobody warehouse.

Unmanned space is designed to allow a large number of intelligent logistics robot in complex environment to work together, so that the logistics efficiency, logistics costs. In order to achieve this scenario, the handling robot, the six-axis robot (for palletizing), the sorting robot, and the pallet shelves shuttle (used to move the goods on the three-dimensional pallet shelves) are fully called up.

Jingdong said that the use of unmanned warehouse will make the logistics cost of 50%, storage efficiency is 10 times the traditional shelf pallet racking storage efficiency, robot sorting efficiency is equivalent to 5 to 6 times the traditional labor force.

In contrast, Alibaba “double 11” brought a lot of parcels by the courier company, but Ali did not ignore the construction of intelligent warehousing.

Media reports, rookie network in Guangzhou, the automatic wisdom of the storage base using the top domestic “goods to find someone” system, consumers in the electricity business platform after the single, the bar code with the goods bar code will be swept the code, and then enter Automate the track to find the goods, the staff in the pallet shelves as long as the goods into the box.

It is reported that consumers order, the rookie network of intelligent warehousing can be completed in the fastest 3 minutes from the goods to the packaging operation, waiting to send. Compared with the traditional warehouse, rookie network processing efficiency higher than 30%, while the number of picking down 70%.

At present, this warehouse is mainly engaged in the order of Lynx supermarkets, but taking into account the rookie network in the field of intelligent logistics ambitions, this model to promote the cooperation of other courier companies in the higher probability. The future, “double 11” between the cat and the contest, the wisdom of storage will also become a huge surprise.

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