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How to break the old deadlock to open a new model

Now, with the vigorous development of China’s economy, warehousing has become a huge industry, look at the promotion and application of heavy-duty pallet shelves in recent years, has gradually become the mainstay of storage pallet shelves.

Heavy storage pallet shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, both for multi-species small quantities of goods, but also for small varieties of large quantities of goods. This type of shelf pallet racking in the high warehouse and ultra-high warehouse in the most used, is large and medium enterprises often use the warehouse pallet shelves.

warehouse long span shelving light duty ms 04 what does racking mean

The reason is called heavy-duty pallet shelves because it’s strong load-bearing capacity, which is its biggest advantage, heavy-duty pallet shelves it has several layers, each time there are two units can be released, each unit bearing capacity can reach 2000KG, This is two tons of weight, heavy-duty pallet shelves can reach four tons of load-bearing capacity each time, buy a heavy-duty load-bearing capacity will be more.

Heavy-duty pallet shelves for a wide range of applications, which is also popularized to promote the important reason for the heavy pallet shelves of the storage of goods is not required, basically all the goods can be stored on heavy pallet shelves. Heavy-duty pallet shelves are arranged in a more clear way, in the storage of goods when the truck can be transported directly to the pallet shelves before the pallet shelves, whether it is inventory or picking are very convenient, and in the selection of goods, at a glance can see all the goods Case.

Heavy-duty pallet shelves, unlike other pallet shelves, are screwed or welded directly. It is made up of a combination of special designs and plug-in combinations. Is the best choice for many warehouses.

What are the advantages of heavy-duty pallet shelves is often to attract business standards, under normal circumstances, supermarket heavy pallet shelves are mainly used for supermarkets and shopping malls and other places placed warehouses display racks and so on. In addition to being able to effectively help customers to quickly buy the items they want, the most important thing is to be able to display a large number of items.

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