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Light storage shelves beautiful and easy to assemble

Light storage pallet shelves are a kind of warehouse shelf pallet racking, steel shelf pallet racking type. Light storage pallet shelves are mainly used for load-bearing items placed, bearing capacity is generally in the 100-150kg, it is in addition to angle steel pallet shelves, the smallest weight storage pallet shelves (shelf pallet racking load is the vast majority of layers Bearing capacity calculation).

Light storage pallet shelves consist of three parts: pillars, beams and laminates. The column is made of high quality steel cold forming, lathe punching, common hole for the butterfly hole; beam with P-beam, both ends of the welding pendant, also known as the column card, used to connect the column; Made, the following welding three to four ribs, the height of the board can be 50mm multiples of free adjustment.


① light pallet shelves with beautiful appearance, easy assembly, the steel plate to 55mm spacing up and down any adjustable. Can be connected to multiple groups of light pallet shelves to increase the overall stability of the shelf pallet racking.

② light shelf pallet racking layer with reinforced welding, layer capacity, in the relative length of each layer can reach the maximum layer of 150kg layer.

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③ light shelf pallet racking at the top and bottom of the board and the column with corner code plus bolts, safe and secure, the middle layer is a special plug and laminates connected, simple and convenient, and can be adjusted.

④ light shelf pallet racking surface treatment using shot blasting surface rust, degreasing, into the electrostatic powder spray treatment, according to the customer specified color spray. With a beautiful color, not easy to oxidation, easy to clean and so on.

⑤ light shelf pallet racking is widely used in enterprise warehouses, supermarkets and institutions, while the product has reached the level of the same product in developed countries.

⑥ light shelf pallet racking can also be added on the board anti-static facilities, can be made anti-static pallet shelves, is widely used in electronic enterprises (such as Nanjing Flextronics Electronics, LG Electronics, etc. are our typical customers).

⑦ can also be the same direction of the light shelf pallet racking with bolts to form the entire shelf pallet racking.

Product specifications: 1500L * 500D * 2000H * 4 layer

Product load: load 100KG layer

Product Material Specifications: Column: 50 * 25 * 1.0mm Beam: 50 * 30 * 1.0mm Laminates: 0.4mm

Material Description and performance: the pallet shelves are all made of cold-rolled steel material, the surface do pickling, phosphating, dusting, paint and a series of special treatment, will not rust paint! Easy to dismantle the rack, do not need to use screws or tools to install, plug-in installation for you to save a lot of time and time!

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