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Warehouse management robots into Amazon’s most busy staff

The Kiva warehouse robot has a square, and the middle of the top has a liftable disc that lifts up to 750 pounds (340 kg) of cargo. Amazon has a total of 15,000 Kiva robots operating at the National Warehouse, compared to Kiva’s system with nearly 50 percent of its inventory processing capacity.

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Kiva warehouse robot can be based on orders, the goods where the pallet shelves from the huge warehouse storage area to the staff handling area, greatly improving the efficiency of processing. After the inspection staff can be removed from the Kiva over the pallet shelves selected customer orders for the goods, processing and distribution. At present Tracy warehouse has not yet realized Kiva warehouse management robotized storage area is fresh grocery area.

Kiva warehouse robot is shuttling in the warehouse area, tirelessly carrying the pallet shelves. In the busy holiday shopping season, Kiva will play a bigger role.

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